Barbaro Immobiliare Handels GmbH is an innovative and modern real estate company in Vienna. Its mission is to offer a comprehensive range of real estate services in the rapidly growing Austrian capital, which is in a position to be expected in the future to be dynamic real estate market in Central Europe and the EU.


Barbaro Immobiliare Handels GmbH is a full-service real estate company offering innovative marketing strategies and full support to its clients.


The target groups of our company are both Austrian and international buyers looking for a way to invest in real estate, based on our extensive experience and range of services tailored to each income level.


We are convinced that we are better able to understand and support the needs of our clientele and especially of the international market through our corresponding experience and therefore distinguish ourselves positively from most of our competitors.


More than 10 years of international experience make us unique on the Viennese real estate stage.

Anastasia Anderson


Luigi Barbaro