We will help you to find the most suitable real estate offers and organize the fastest possible viewing of selected objects.


If it is necessary to take out a mortgage, we will assist you in finding the best option and bank for your needs.



If you want to insure your new property, we will connect you to our insurance partners - one of the biggest companies in the world.



Through close cooperation with a confidential notary, lawyer, and trustee law firms, we help you to create and verify the necessary documents; to conclude the contract of sale; to complete real estate transaction; to carry out a competent consultation for the state registration of the property.

Our AFTER-SALE-SERVICE also supports you in the further management of your new property.

We are ready to fully support the deal with the buyers through the assistance of our qualified specialists.


We help you to determine the exact and objective market value of your property. We work closely with the sellers to achieve this and to maximize your ability to find a buyer in a short time and sell your home at the best possible price within acceptable timeframes.


We organize the visit of your property at a suitable time for you.


We promote your property with the help of our INNOVATIVE MARKETING on our website, in the leading advertising media, various internet sources regionally and internationally. 


We assist you in collecting all the necessary documents for the sales transaction and successfully completing them, conveniently executing a state registration procedure of a sales transaction. If you contact us, you may well save time and money.








Do you have real estate for rent or are you looking for a suitable property yourself?


The safest way to rent or rent out a property is to contact an agency with a good reputation.

We help you with this whether it is commercial or residential real estate.


In no time, our experts will find an object or tenant for you which meet all your parameters.

We help you to find suitable tenants or landlords and create an individual contract that also includes your personal wishes. We also help you to properly prepare your property for rental.

We guarantee that our real estate offers will satisfy the most demanding customers.

Leave a request for desired real estate on our real estate page and one of our staff will contact you as soon as possible. Or just call one of our specialists.


Many years of experience and fresh ideas - the most effective tools for success.


Our innovative marketing is presented as an effective introduction of methods for new developments to improve the results and effectiveness of the advertising campaign.


We offer the development of a strategic advertising policy for your properties at various stages of the marketing process; Improvement of quality characteristics and competitiveness; Research on sales markets, as well as consumer research and investigation of the marketing mix in different phases of the innovation process.


Our strategic thinking and comprehensive data analytics are the foundation for working with innovative developments in real estate industry.


We adhere to a special business philosophy in which we use the most important for us to create a full-cycle customer care in all phases of real estate transactions. Our expert team for advertising, marketing, and other departments will find excellent solutions for every situation efficiently and quickly.








We offer our clients to choose a wide range of real estate abroad, both for investment, as well as for improving living conditions, leisure time change, and doing business in different countries.


We offer the most diverse types of foreign real estate:


  • Modern apartments and residential real estate in the secondary market;

  • Comfortable villas;

  • Commercial real estate with reasonable profitability;

  • Land for those who want to realize their long-planned projects;

  • Vacation properties


Our company cooperates with reliable and proven partners in the international market. We are very thorough and have a responsible approach to building partnerships.


We are always ready to assist you with the professional search for the best possible real estate and meet your requirements to allow a reliable and advantageous investment of money in the purchase of foreign real estate

Investing in gastronomy, whether it's restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs or bars - is a fairly delicate process and to be armed with an important tool, such as the opinion of an experienced professional in this field, is a great advantage, saving your time and money.


The restaurateur Luigi Barbaro is internationally recognised for his impeccable expertise and successful 40-year experience in the restaurant business of Vienna.


Due to his exceptional knowledge in the restaurant business in Europe, Luigi Barbaro can from the first glance give an approximate assessment of the profitability and culinary integrity of a gastronomic institution.


Relying on his knowledge, the investor gets the opportunity to invest in any kind of gastronomic institution on national and international levels.







We offer our customers a remote search service that includes the selection of properties by our knowledgeable specialists around the world.


Our specialist will determine the maximum number of real estate objects for you, taking into account all the necessary criteria, such as the location of the property; the transport links; To visit and personally examine the prospects for the development of the region in which the property is located.


Your choice will be based on a comprehensive assessment and economic appeal of the facility.


As a result, you get the best performance and can make a balanced and profitable choice in favor of the most attractive option.


After the presentation of selected objects, we will organise with personal and expert assistance, and accompanied visits to the property, until the transaction is completed.

AFTER-SALE-SERVICE is an important part of the activity of our real estate agency and includes the following services:


  • Assistance in leasing all types of residential and commercial real estate (shop, restaurant, office, etc.)

  • Mediation of interior design experts, equipment, and many other concerns

  • Assistance with maintenance and repair of your real estate

  • Arranging experts for legal support and advice on real estate or tax law and company formation

  • Assistance in the design of insurance of all kinds

  • Assistance in renting cars or yachts

  • Through our partners it is possible to provide services such as staff (cleaning lady, security guard, cook, driver)

  • Support and organization of the excursion programmes


If necessary, our expert team is ready to offer a service that is not included in the list above.